How much do portable massage chairs cost?

How much do portable massage chairs cost?

Addressing the elephant in the room, why would you need a portable massage chair? Well, maybe you want to save a little money from your monthly massage or that trip to the mall. Maybe you are trying to market yourself as a massage therapist and be the first in your local area to have a massage chair. The latter is a great opportunity to start up a side hustle and get your name out in the area. There are some professional massage chairs on the market that are ranging from under $200 to over $1000. The next question becomes, what do you need? Can you count on the description before purchase to ensure the chair is suitable for your needs?


Let’s take a moment and explore some of the options that are readily available on purchasing massage chairs. There will also be information that will allow you to make a conscious decision when it comes to purchasing your own chair for personal or business reasons. The search for a portable massage chair has begun, therefore, look for which chairs propose the greatest adjustability; which provides the best a sternum pad; what is the ease of use for adjusting the seat; which is lightweight for transporting purposes; which one comes with a case that has roller wheels; Is there a package deal and do you want one. Where should you purchase this new addition? Ebay, Craigslist, Wayfair, Overstock? To get a good deal, can you trust eBay or Craigslist? The questions above her understandable to have and will guide you to be the best choice that is personalized for you.

We’ll break it down into two different sections: marketing yourself and personal use. If you intend to buy a chair that is for business purchases, then looking for a light-weight chair with a case that has wheels will be the best option. Chairs of this kind will range from $60 to over $400. The difference with chairs that you are intending to market yourself with and those for personal use will be the use fact. Are you using the chair every day or a few days out of the week? Looking at reviews that clarify the longevity of the chair will help with your decision as well. If the chair will not be the primary use for everyday life and will not be a source of income then an electric portable massage chair would be a great addition. With the electric chair, you are limited to where you can take it because it is not lightweight.

So, if you are interested in moving between rooms, you are okay, but moving the chair outside of the home to a different local that has distance is not the best choice. Fortunately, at the end of the day, the chairs can be budget friendly, but also think if it is for a business, spending around $400 for a chair like advertised on, will be beneficial for a business. On the other end, spending around $150 for an electric portable massage chair as advertised on can be a great option for personal use.

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